From refurbishing industrial warehouses to the blasting and marine coating of the hulls of ocean-going vessels, there truly is no job we can’t handle.

In addition to Sandblasting and Painting, we are capable of applying special coatings like zinc, epoxy, and urethane.

Here is a brief summary of the services we provide:

  • Structural steel
  • Concrete structures
  • Building restoration
  • Specialty coatings
  • Swimming pools
  • Tanks and tank linings
  • Containers
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Truck Fleet

Swimming Pool Restoration

Extreme Sandblasting offers a wide array of restoration services and solutions for your swimming pool and backyard oasis.

Sandblasting, repair of spalling concrete and cleaning of pool walls removes old coatings effectively and preps substrates for incredible long-term bonding solutions.

We are able to brighten and renew concrete decking and backyard cement patio areas. We apply a sealer to offer incredible long-term solutions.

We also have available high pressure heated commercial pressure washing equipment for restoring heavily pollution stained areas.

Extensive property fence work with rust and deterioration can be made new again. Weathered concrete with excess staining, oil, etc. can be brightened, renewed and then promptly sealed to lock in the new, pristine image.

We carry $5,000,000.00 in liability insurance as well as full WSIB coverage, for our customers’ assurance.

Extreme Sandblasting has been in the field of concrete swimming pool restorations for over 15 years. We can provide you with a free, detailed quote itemizing various steps, materials and cost breakdowns for your perusal, with digital photos to show before, during and after for your own records.

We look forward to hearing from you at 905.971.1620 and will be pleased to answer any questions you may have.

Fire Damage Restoration

Are you looking for a company who has the equipment and the expertise to handle damage caused by a fire whether it’s your home or business? Extreme Sandblasting & Painting has the knowledge and equipment to get home or business in the shape it was in before the damage done by the fire.

The slideshow below shows an example of one of our fire damage restoration projects. In the first picture, you will see the heavily charred wood roof deck and charred trusses which was scheduled for tear out. The second picture shows the roof deck and trusses after they have been sandblasted and are now free of charring. In the third picture, you will see another view of the sandblasted roof deck and trusses, showing plenty of ‘meat’ still left on the wood – this engineer certified roof did not need to be replaced. The final picture shows ‘Kills’ sealer applied on the clean wood. This specialty sealer eradicates any residual fire retardant and smoke odour.

Sandblasting saved this customer over $24,000.00.
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Painted Brick

Painted brick is a classic example of a hard coating on top of a soft substrate.

The techniques involved to remove unsightly paint from clay brick requires experience and knowledge in both adjusting air pressure and blast shot media to create the best environment so as to reduce and minimize any surface damage that may occur during such processes.

View our gallery below to see some of our recent projects.

Trusted by urban renewal specialists such as Historia Restorations and Core Urban Inc.

Contact references:
Jeff Feswick at Historia Building Restorations Inc. – 416.427.3107
Steve Kulakowsky at Core Urban Inc. – 905.543.1579

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